How to create and use gmail templates ?

How yo activate templates in Gmail ?

Activate email template in your gmail account

First of all you need to activate usage of email template in gmail account. So go to / settings / advanced and set Templates to Enabled as you see on the images bellow.

Create email template

Now you can create, delete and you email templates.

Let’s first create a new email template. Create a new email, write the format you want, as example you can see the left image. Than you ll find three dots on the right side / Templates / Save … / Save as new template. And give it a name. I’ll save it with the name Hello#1.

Use the template created earlier

Our gmail template is ready for usage.

New email / three dots / Templates / and here you can see the list of templates you have.

I saved my template as Hello#1. So on click on it, I’ll get it.

Use gmail template created earlier

Sure you can resave your template or delete them :)

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