Nightwatch and automation testing

Nightwatch.js is an automated testing framework for web applications and websites, written in Node.js and using the W3C WebDriver API (formerly Selenium WebDriver).

Install Nightwatch

All the installation process described here very clear. But I had some additional steps.

  1. Install Nightwatch globally
npm install -g nightwatch

2. Install at least Java Development Kit 7

Check if JDK was installed earlier

java -version

3. Download Selenium

Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications: Releases.

4. Running Selenium Manually

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-{VERSION}.jar
java -jar selenium-server-standalone-{VERSION}.jar -help

If everything is ok you should see

Selenium on

5. Download Chrome Drive to run tests with Chrome

And follow this documentation

Install chromedriver globally

sudo npm install -g chromedriver

6. Install ImageMagick for reports

brew install imagemagick --build-from-source

Run your first autotest

The initial folder structure

Initial folder structure

Here you can find Configuration part.

You can copy-paste initial configurations for your nightwatch.json file.


If you prefer to use package.json you can take this one as an example

"name": "nightwatch-test",
"version": "0.0.1",
"description": "Quick start with Nightwatch and Selenium.",
"dependencies": {
"chromedriver": "^2.42.0",
"nightwatch": "*",
"nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions": "^1.1.0",
"selenium-webdriver": "^3.5.0"

My nightwatch.js


var chromedriver = require('chromedriver');

module.exports = {
before : function(done) {

after : function(done) {

And the first test: tests/google.js

module.exports = {
'demoTestGoogle': function (browser) {
.waitForElementVisible('body', 1000)
.setValue('input[type=text]', 'nightwatch')
.waitForElementVisible('input[name=btnK]', 10000)
.waitForElementVisible('button[name=btnG]', 10000)
.assert.containsText('#main', 'Night Watch')

You are ready to run the first autotest

nightwatch tests/google.js -e chrome

You should see a new chrome page

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